I have used the 2500 tanks for 4x5 on my old CPE2 and never had any problem with even development. There is a minimum amount to cover the negatives which is 270 ml. I have always used 100 ml of stock solution for 80sq inches of film or 150ml for 6 sheets. The tank can hold 600ml of solution (although it will put a strain on the motor) so you can go up to 1-3 dilution with some developers if needed.

my habit is to do 4 sheets at a time with either Xtol or HC110 with a B or G dillution. I have never had satisfactory results with any kind of Pyro for drums so still do those in trays.

The only problem you may encounter is you need to load the film emulsion side in. Otherwise it is easy to scratch the outside sheets of film on the drum while loading in the dark and causing scratches.

it is not that difficult to load the sheets, just practice with some expendable negs untill you get it down.