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One of my prints has some strangeness going on in the bottom right of the frame, and I'm not sure what caused it.
If someone could speculate what the issue might be, and how to resolve it, that would be great.
Looking at the low contrast of the resultant print, with no real black in it, I am pretty sure the stains are actually caused by incomplete development. If you pull the print to early (e.g. less than about 1-1 1/2 minute with RC, and 2 to 2 1/2 for FB paper), there is a big risk of such a result, as the developer dripping from the print tong that you use to remove the print, will continue to add "fresh" developer to the print at the edge you pull it. This will cause darker flow patterns at that corner, as more complete development takes place.

So, always keep the print in the developer long enough to have full development, per the recommended times on the bottles you bought.

Similar issues can happen with almost exhausted developer, and is to me a sign I badly need to change my developer.

Do also make sure you keep your hands clean. If in any doubt you had contact with any of the liquids, wash them before taking out the next fresh paper sheet from its box.