I've got an LF camera that I had some 'hook & loop' (generic name for Velcro) fastener attached. I used the kind that has the glue on it when you buy it. Peel and stick. Now I want to remove this. I pulled the fabric part off and the stick part is stuck on the metal (hard anodized aluminum). I tried alcohol (ethyl and isopropol), naptha, goo gone, white gas, laquer thinner, and Windex w/amonnia. Something in there worked, because I tried some things and nothing happened, then the next day tried some more and some wiped right off. So I tried again and it is a mess. Scotchbrand said windex and 3M said use citrus cleaner, which I just tried (not very good, maybe a little). I thought there should be some kind of nuclear reagent like MEK or something that would just wipe it off before any cancer sets in.

Any ideas. Thanks.