I have tried to work this out both geographically and logically.. there are more participants in the US and Canada than anywhere else so I've split the list up between countries, continents and coasts (what alliteration!! My English teacher would be so proud!)

So here goes.. Draft One of the FINAL list.. I'm still missing some addresses and confirmation of participation so I'll give it a few days, but if they don't arrive soon we'll have to assume they're out..

Camera 1

1 MattKing BC Canada
2 Segedi Alberta Canada
3 MartinB Alberta Canada
4 Thebanana Manitoba Canada
5 Wallbergb Manitoba Canada
6 MA Longmore (Ron) New York USA
7 rcam72 New York USA
8 ShawnRahman New York USA
9 Jnanian Rhode Island USA
10 MatthewRusbarsky? Maryland USA
11 Black Dog Derbyshire UK
12 SteveSmith Isle of Wight UK
13 pcyco Austria Europe
14 Kraker Netherlands Europe
15 Simplicius Ireland Europe
16 Síle Ireland Europe

Camera 2

1 Semeuse Florida USA
2 cdholden Tennessee USA
3 FilmSprocket Michigan USA
4 Toro_mike Colorado USA
5 Flatulent1 Washington USA
6 JohnNikon Washington USA
7 Lmn Washington USA
8 KJupiter California USA
9 Guissimo California USA
10 Akaa California USA
11 Mooseontheloose Japan
12 polyglot Australia

Missing addresses and confirmation of participation from:
Axle J
Rick A

I'm assuming at least 3/4 of these are in US hence list division...