2F, I'm glad you said awkward and random, you might not have meant that as a compliment but
it works for me. These are works based on my failure to recollect from memory properly, I won't spend
ages babbling on conceptually but I am trying to intentionally make the past visually clash with the
present if you like. This is a very nutshell explanation, but the lighting is meant to be as 'old' or 70s as
possible while it still being obviously shot contemporarily. So it's not meant to be a total reproduction of
a 70s shot as such. Hope that makes sense.
What do you mean by brash though?
Tony, so would you know of any sites/links that talk more about 70s tungsten lighting? I have access to
other tungsten/continuous lights at uni, but haven't ventured into them yet because I figure they are
probably just another unnecessary set of things to learn when I am already fairly close to what I want
with normal flash heads anyway. But if it's worth it, I might give continuous a go.