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If I could figure out how to load 2 120 films on a single 120/220 reel I wouldn't have to do this.
I load on Paterson reels. I find the white newest version of plastic works best, as it seems to be the slippiest, but all will work.

Load the first film. Once it is past the ball bearings, place a thumb on the end of the film, and while continuing to walk the reel back and forth, you can feel the film continuing down the spiral. A very gentle pressure may be needed to push the thing along.

At some point it will not spiral in any more, and you will fiddle for a second or two before you are sure this is the case. This is normal for me, even after doing this for quite a while.

I then begin to load the second 120 film. I usually take the backing paper off first, but be sure to do so for this second roll. I hook a pinky finger of my 'still' hand into the film to keep it from getting too close to the guide path and getting stuck. When I feel the roll to be loaded disappearing, I slow down on the reel rocking, and stop just after I feel the film get onto the spirals.

I would recommend pratciting with scrap rolls first, but it does reliably work for me.