Thanks to all who stopped by the Wilde/White table. We had a nice time saying hello. The show certianly had a good turn out. A great rainy day must have meant few were out shooting, and came to the show instead?

The sale also went very well for me, in terms of a great reduction of the things I was trying to move on that were surplus to my needs. In the last hour both of the enlargers on offer were sold; yes!

I went to the show with 8 plus copy paper boxes full of gear, and came home with 3 (plus a huge box of monster flash bulbs that I bought, and partially resold within 10 minutes of buying them so that the net to me on them was only $10)

I am already thinking of what I should be working on working though with an eye to doing this show again next year.

Having some space to start to move in my photo gear storage area is already kind of nice.