I wouldn't put too much stock in the "Kyocera has stopped making Contax" rumors just yet. By all accounts, someone in Kyocera's distribution chain in Europe sent out a press release stating just that, but Kyocera has since denied the stories as innacurate. They have stated that production of Contax cameras continues for now.

Kyocera will discontinue the cameras they've been making under their own name and under the Yashica name.

The link you posted is dated three days in the future (as I write this), so I suspect that it's a page from a magazine that got caught with supremely bad timing. The initial release came out, they laid out the page, the further releases have clarified that the story was inaccurate...but the pages were already laid out.

Although I'm generally not a big fan of his, you can check out the links in the "What's new" section of luminious-landscape.com for links to press releases from Kyocera and ToCAD that straighten out. Especially: http://www.luminous-landscape.com/pdf/Contax.pdf