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I currently have the 60mm canon on my digital. I LOVE this lens. It is amazing. It is Ef-s so will not work on my ElanII. What is your favorite EF lens for canon slr?
I dont know if this has been suggested to you before, but you could try using a small extension tube + your 60mm macro on your film camera. I have used the 60mm macro + 68mm kenko extension tubes with canon eos 300 with relatively good success, that is the lens mounted onto the camera
If you use say 12mm extension tube, you may still be able to go to 1:3 for bigger stuff. From memory when 68mm kenkos are mounted on the 60mm macro the magnification goes from 1x to 2.5x using the focus ring.

My favourite macro lens for ef is the mpe65mm. Great for close ups, however I do miss not having an infinity focusing macro lens.

here are some shots with mpe65mm on eos 300.

ignore the grain, I pushed fp4125 to 800