Okay, so looking forward to seeing all who can make it. I met Stefan from Waterloo and John from Hamilton at the PHSC show on Sunday, and they should be able to make it, and CowanW is hopeful as well.

If you want to board the navy destroyer, I'd recommend packing a wide-angle lens. It's not a guided tour -- you have the run of the ship for as long as you wish, above and below decks. I don't think they like tripods, but there are plenty of railings and bulkheads to to brace your camera against when you shoot below deck. I think it's about $5 or $6 to board, and quite an interesting experience. Good views of the harbour from the upper gantry and bridge.

If we walk west along the parkland and docks, there's a rail marshalling yard adjacent to a walking path. And east from the coffee shop is the more industrial landscape.

Looking forward to seeing everyone!