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I think in the beginning, a critique from a seasoned photographer can be useful to improve ones technical ability and eye for composition. There are things that most would think "work" better that other things in more than half the situations.

I am very certain about something else. When I expose a frame and spend my energy to make a print, I want to make ME happy with it. No matter how great I may think my image is, someone will suggest an improvement that I know would ruin my interpretation of the image. I think the idea, "suit yourself first" is exactly right for fine art photography.
It depends a LOT on the definition of "critique" from ANY source. The only time I will offer *any* suggestion is in an effort to "expand" the vision of a neophyte. Too often - FAR too often - I've heard the "lofty" dominatotors pass judgement that ONLY serves to LIMIT someone's vision and force them into some sort of "mold". The "finest" vision in my opinion is the unspolied, unadulterated (literally un-"adult"-erated) vision of a child.

In teaching, I've learned FAR more about vision from my students than I've ever been able to teach them.

I agree with "making ME happy" - a bunch!!!

Iahve this carved in stone on my "innards" - the line from "Garden Party" by Ricky Nelson: "You can't please everyone, so you've GOT to please yourself."