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Have to say, guys, I'm really looking forward to this one. I participated in rounds 1 & 2, but what I found most disappointing about the last one (#2) was the lack of response from everyone...

... Since the new "stricter rules & time-frames" group had been running, it looks like there had been a good history as far as the post-exchange comments. I'll be honest, that's one of the main reasons I like doing these, seeing how other people translate their vision to a 2D piece of paper is always enlightening, but I also love to hear what others think of what I'm doing...

Here here - me too

Twelve for round 4

1. Oxleyroad
2. Hoffy
3. Barrie B.
4. Michael W
5. tomalophicon
6. Andrew K
7. munz6869
8. SMBooth
9. Kevin Caulfield