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damnit polyglot! You beat me.

The people who are into lofi are likely the people who would like to experiment with their own b&w developing, so I really do think a paterson universal tank (maybe 2 sizes) and basic chemistry would sell. They are already available in Aus for around the $50 mark from b&m stores like foto riesel, b&h charge $20+$45s/h so you'd have to get your price point down near us prices + shipping. Hell, maybe you could even sell a "starter kit" for developing - tank, bag, chemistry and some $2 measuring cylinders?

LC-29 is available from vanbar for a fair chunk of cash, so maybe there's an opening there, but you'd have a monopoly on hc-110 in Aus since it costs $55+ delivered from the us.

Foto riesel want $42 for a film change bag which is also rather ridiculous, so you'd need to match ebay which may be challenging.

Speaking from experience (ironically), I'm just trying to get started into film and I've had a camera sitting on my desk for a month now waiting for things to ship from ebay, us, and refusing to pay $50+ for a paterson tank. I'm your target market for this stuff, I want to give you my money! Please let me give you my money!