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No experience with these people, but if mine ever blew I'd get it rewound. Or if you get a burned out one, have that rewound for a spare.

I did spend one day searching hundreds of pictures on google looking for a windshield motor of some German car. This one was the closest I could find.
The picture is a Bosch from an E30 M3 BMW that looked pretty close.

A CPP motor picture was also posted awhile back: http://www.apug.org/forums/viewpost.php?p=1098053 Did you see that one?
Yes, I have seen the pictures. The reason I would like to get one in my hot little hands is so I can measure the motor size and see if there are any NEMA size motors that will replace it and still fit the power requirements. I don't know much about circuits, but if a windshield wiper motor is available that physically fits, but requires less than 24V, couldn't a resistor be put in place to allow the motor to operate at a lower voltage?