I have (and have used) a lot of FLRFs (Electro 35, Canonet, Oly 35SP, Retina IIIc, etc.), but the Konica Auto S2 is my favorite. The lens rendering is just lovely.

To get a really accurate RF focus, you'll need to first check and adjust infinity focus (lens to film plane), then adjust the RF patch.

Check infinity stop against a ground glass on the film plane. MOST LIKELY this is OK, and doesn't need to be adjusted. To adjust the infinity stop, remove the two small flat-head screws on the bottom of the lens barrel; these secure the scale/trim ring. Loosen the three set screws under the trim ring to move the infinity stop; tighten up again and replace the trim ring.

Again, the infinity stop is probably OK. Don't touch it unless you have to.

To adjust horizontal RF patch: There's no need to remove the top plate to set horizontal rangefinder adjustment. RF adjustment screw is behind a trim screw next to the viewfinder on the back. (It's a pin screw, but you can probably use a pencil eraser to remove it.) Check RF patch alignment at infinity, then again at, say, 3 feet. Use a measuring tape to calibrate the target distance to film plane distance, then adjust RF to match.