Hi there,

I'm building a darkroom and want it to have a hot water source independent from the rest of the house.

I use a 16x20 Summitek Cascade print washer that sips 700 ml's a minute, but will need to change the print water-stop tray on a regular basis, do the same with the print holding tray, and will be occasionally washing masks at the same time.

The cold water coming into the darkroom during winter months can be just a couple degrees above freezing this far north, and I used to drain the household water tank to everybody's chagrin.

I was thinking of putting a low flow electric tankless water heater (starts working at .5 gallon a minute) on the cold water line right before a 10 gallon electric water tank. This way, if I'm using just a little hot water the tank should be able to do the job, but if demand increases the tankless heater will be pre-heating the cold water entering the water tank.

Crazy? Brilliant? Certifiable?

I don't care if it's going to cost a couple hundred bucks more if 1) I will not have to heat another huge water tank 2) the hot water doesn't go cold while my wife's in the shower, and 3) I will never, ever run out of hot water while in the darkroom again.