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OK...I have one of those army A.L.I.C.E. packs---the medium size...both with and without a frame. I have a Toyo field camera and some lenses and all the trimmings....any suggestions on making it fit in said pack without slipping a disk?...or more importantly, without smashing it all up?
My solution for my Wista 5x4 field camera, 4 lenses etc.. was to go to a store which sells foam rubber and have a big block of same cut to just fit in the pack. Then I took that home and with a very sharp knife, cut pockets to firmly fit all of the bits and pieces. Gluing cloth over all the exposed surfaces makes getting bits in and out easier.
My pack is the type for which the entitre front zips open, exposing all the contents, if your pack is of the top-loading type, this solution may not suit you.