Well it finally arrived. It had a few extras with it that I didn't expect. I also ended up with a couple extra parts and have no idea where they go!

It arrived disassembled and in three boxes. I was able to assemble it using photos of others as well as the Beseler instruction manual I found in PDF form on the internet but ended up with two triangular pieces of metal along with the six screws for them and cannot figure out where they go. Here is a small photo of them:

Does anyone have any clue what those could be or where they'd go? Other than those mystery parts, it seems to work fine. The front of the Dual Dichro head has three lights.. one says "White Light" one says "Diff." and one says "Cond". On mine, the one that says "Diff." is always on and I cannot find a way to change that. The other two never come on or change. It just seems odd to me.

It actually came with two lenses. One is a 75mm Beseler and one is the 50mm f/2.8 EL-Nikkor. I was extremely excited to see that until I looked through the lenses and saw massive amounts of fungus in the Nikkor and a moderate amount in the Beseler. Good thing enlarger lenses are cheap. It also came with a grain focuser that broke in shipping, a very nice timer, 35mm film carrier, and what appears to be a gigantic lens of some sort.. about 6" in diameter. Keep in mind I've never even touched an enlarger before so I don't know what spare part this is. I'm assuming it's "that part" that sits under the head and above the negative carrier area.... but I don't know what it's called or why I have an extra.

Anyway, here's what I ordered last night:

-Ilford Multigrade IV 8x10 RC Pearl paper (100 sheets)
-couple packages of Kodak Dektol
-Photog. Formulary TF-4 Fixer (low odor)
-load of new bottles
-extra thermometer
-couple sets of tongs
-developing trays
-some extra Kodak Xtol and Hypo Clearing Agent for my film work

I ended up paying twice as much for the above items as I paid for the enlarger and accessories itself. Now I just need to read a beginner's guide to working with an enlarger. I don't know how to judge exposure and then how to judge development for paper. No clue. Not a clue where to start. I guess it's reading time.

(to say I'm working with limited space is an understatement)