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Look at it this way, for the cost of a cla you have a camera that will give you a lifetime of pleasure shooting it, and that way the cost does not seem so great, same thing applies to a Retina IIIc, at the price they ae going for, and the price of them seems to be increasing, think of the years of pleasure you will get for the cost of a cla,
yea the Retina is in 100% perfect shape cosmetically, the never ready case is even perfect, all original. Everything is spotless inside including lens. the shutter is will not fire though. It was my grandfathers so it has very high sentimental value. but they go for about $150 on Keh. I want to get it working but I probably would never really get use out of it, as I'd worry about it to much to bring it around. I only work part time with free lancing on the side, so most of my money goes into film, paper, and chems. I guess I'll bite the bullet after the next paycheck and do the Canon VT first and see how that goes and try to get a quote for the retina.