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You repair it.


Because the money you spend is not really for the REPAIR of the camera. It's for your subsequent joy in then being able to USE the camera after it's been repaired.

One of the most unfortunate aspects of the eBay mentality these days is that all things in life end up being assigned a monatary value, which is then assumed to equate to their life value. The true value of your repaired camera is in its ability to bring you happiness via its use. Not in its monetary value sitting unused on a shelf.

Most of the time functional and broken cameras look identical. But they don't act identical.

Very well said (and I know what it means, I had my AE1-Program Cla'ed for twice what a "new" one would have cost me !)

Another aspect is that, once the camera has been repaired, you know that it's been checked. When you replace it by a cheap one, the replacement may well break after a few months use.