Hurray - the forecast even says sunny day! Finally.... At least I have all of the at home preparations well in hand.
My bags are packed, and lay behind the front door ready to go.

Fresh E-6 and C-41 chemistry was compounded last night and is now mixed ready to be used.
All back logged slide and colour neg films are loaded onto reels and tanks are ready to run tonight and tomorrow night.

Fresh RA-4 developer and blix working tank solutions and replenishers are even ready to go for the roller processor.

All back logged 35mm, 120 and 4x5 b&w films are now hanging in the drying cabinet.

Heck, I even gathered up all of the 12 months worth of spent bleach and saturated fixer and the ra-4 roller processor's over flow tanks munge that has piled up, and packaged them all in well labelled old 2l pop bottles ready to be taken to the Region's HHW depot tomorrow.

How is that for some deferred spring cleaning in the darkroom?

It seems like (and actully, really has been) months since I got active in there. The last shoot at the Distillery District really got me motivated again.
That, and getting re-assembled after two unplanned water intrusions in the last four months from the main floor bathroom that sits directly over my darkroom.

I am taking two of my three Minolta SLR's for a walk this weekend. The X570 for some b&w exposing , and the X-700 for some C-41 and E-6 exposing.
I pulled some the usualy suspects (winder, hot shoe flash and 50mm macro lens) out of the X-700's normal bag to make some room for the 'less usually travelled' bits
Namely a pair of Manfrotto super clamps, a couple of adjustable heads for the clamps and my IIIf ambient/flash meter.
There are still a 24, 50, 135 and 70-210 in the lens compliment. Can you tell I hate being short of lenses in a new shooting situation?
I figure that there will be neat spaces to be imaged below decks, and the clamps will allow me to clamp the camera or flash lighting to something solid as lilkely will be needed.

I am also planning on bringing a bag that carries my mid to late 70's old Norman 200B pack and head flash rig.
I bought for a song ($15 with a load of other stuff in the same box) and brought back to life last summer.
It can work with a small soft box, or a small polished reflector that travel with it, or bare bulb.
There is a wireless trigger pair to sync it to a camera as part of the rig.

It is great for lighting small or big dark spaces. The Norman kit all gets dragged about in a military surplus olive drab padded nylon bag that once held a radio, I think.
It was given to me by none other than Mr. DWW. He passed it on to me a couple of years ago.
At the time neither he or I could think of what to use it for. Well, a bit of time later it has found a role in my pile of gear.

After seeing how pleased Alex was on finding a pair of metal 120 take up reels as a part of some found film at last week's camera show, I dug out three empty steel 120 spools from my stash of idle 120 spools and backing paper (yes, I do save some of that too!) for his use.

If Harry makes it down, I have brought along a pair of scrap 120 films to give to him, so he can practice loading two 120 roll films end to end onto a single Paterson reel.
Once he has that skill mastered, he can use it to stop wasting his chemistry's capacity during his C-41 or E-6 film processing runs.

I hope that there is a good turn out for this event.