I think your conclusions, based on the responses are quite rational.

I include a printed version of this (sans photograph and pricing list) including process, editioning, sizes, provenance and care, with every print. It is "understood" that as both "artist" and forthright person, any "failed" piece given the conditions under which and for it was constituted, or due to material defect or maker's negligence, would be replaced or repaired within some limited period of time. But I have never found it necessary to even include this last statement on the info sheet as my methods are beyond archival standard. I have never, ever been approached regarding warranty as it is equally understood that my work is that of an artistic endeavor, and not subject to warranty.

But really – a warranty with every print – what other "artist" would be expected to offer such a thing? Do the sofa-sized art sellers offer warranties? Bad precedent in my opinion, but perhaps this is what "archival" machine-made digital posters (oh!, sorry – prints) have wrought.