I recently acquired a Kodak 1A and a roll of 116 film. Since I didn't have a tank that could handle 70mm wide film, I bought an old Marvel tank and reel off of ebay. The problem is that the reel doesn't twist like Paterson reels. When trying to load it last night, the film kept stopping about halfway in, and I ended up kinking the film. I was finally able to get it on after about 1 hour of messing with it, by loading it as if it were a stainless reel, by just putting it in the grooves from the center. Of course, the negatives have kinks in them, and the edges have black lines from the folding of the negatives over the grooves. Is there any better way to load these reels, or should I just look for a SS 116 reel before buying any more 70mm film?