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Are you sure you don't want to go to 8x10? Are you really sure? Go on....be a devil. Try it, you'll like it. Really.
BTW my name is Lucifer. LOL

Rauol, no, no, no! Don't listen to Wyno!! He is the Devil incarnate! You migrate to 8x10 and you'll doubtless need a personal staff of 6 to carry the behemoth for you — as he!! Up and down the gullies, out across the plains, through scorching heat and soggy peat and all the while it rains!!

I reckon 4x5 will be much more sensible, but then you've got 6x7 cameras offering the same image size, but which do away with the fiddly business of 4x5 (one APUGger described the process, peppering it with F- words and how much better the 6x7 is...) and its bigger pains in the ... ...er sorry, bigger brethren.