I temporarily put a large number of my prints and negatives into a storage unit earlier this year. Unfortunatley the company's internal guttering systems froze and subsequently burst soaking some 484 negative sheets.

I'm presently liaising with the storage company's insurance assessor to at least recover some of the value of the damaged items. I put a claim in for cost of the films, professional processing in regard to the negatives and a nominal value for each damaged 16" x 12" print; the assessor has subsequently asked me to provide a written, independant valuation for these items.

Can anyone please advise where I might obtain such evidence?

Unfortunatley the limit of the cover is 5000, so in my opinion, it will in no way cover the cost of the materials, let alone the heartache of losing some 12 years of black and white photography. As the negs were only in storage for a few days whilst I moved house, I never thought to insure them seperatley....lesson learned

Hopefully someone out there can point me in teh right direction to get this matter resolved.