Had an R3 in for replacement light seals a few months ago. Shutter speeds, meter, and everything else were within original spec, so no other work was done except a little lube on the mirror mechanism. This was the first service since I bought it new in '79. (It doesn't sit on a shelf, it's been working the whole time and had many hundreds of rolls of film through it.) This was $45 at DAG, including parts. He'll CLA a prime lens for about $80. Don't have a price on a full CLA.

I had a complete CLA on an Agfa Isolette I, including a shutter upgrade, gluing a corner of the leatherette, lens cleaning, focus clean and lube, and bellows replacement two weeks ago. That was $100 from Jurgen Kreckel, but then it was 50 years old, and the R3 was only 26.

Just did some really nice APX-400 in PC-TEA with the Isolette.