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xrays are no fun... do a search on kodaks tests with Xray fogging. Significant fogging from just 1 pass, esp with color films. try to ask for a hand search of film (TSA may not care and xray it anyway), buy the film there (maybe very hard), develop it there (I dont trust labs with my stuff) or mail it back with a carrier that is not big on Xraying materials.

The problem is not just an even coat of fog, BUT very nasty banding issues. imagine a light leak. not fun at all

its a tough thing to do nowadays. I was on a cruise last summer and they Xrayed my bag every time we boarded the ship. (I carried a digital only though)

Newt are you talking about film in CHECKED luggage?? Because the banding lines only occur in checked bags. Kodak doesn't give a warning about carry on luggage unless it's being x-rayed 5 times. And with all the travel I do with film, I haven't had any issues with carrying on film, and I'll carry as much as 200 rolls at a time.

In the US by Federal regulation ( FAR section 108. 17 E, FAR 108.205 E) if you insist on a had search they HAVE to give you one. They may be reluctant, but they HAVE to do it anyway. I would be careful though if you're carrying sheet film, because I have heard from several people that when they handed over boxes of sheet film, they were opened. So if you travel with sheet film expect to get it x-rayed.

Also consider not just the exposure to x-ray scanners as a factor but flight duration. The longer the flight at high altitude the greater the exposure to cosmic and solar radiation. And not just your film, you too!!