EPY with tungsten lights was the de facto standard the last time I did copy work, about 20 years ago. True colors and contrast, not oversaturated. It was, and may still be the standard for shooters concerned with the most accurate reproduction of colors for textiles and such. I shot some paintings for an artist because her amateur friend (who usually did them) was unavailable. She gave me the third degree on technique because of the improved quality over her friend's work. She wanted me to teach her friend how to shoot copy work because she wanted to keep using her.

See if you can find a description of 'feathering' light. It's a technique whereby you aim the center of the beam from the right side light at the left edge of the subject (flat art) and the center of the beam from the left side light at the right edge of the artwork. This gives you the most even light across the subject. I googled, but "feathering" now seems to be a photoshop term for softening selection edges.