not really. I did however have a group of people walk up to me when I was doing some portrait work for my photography class with my big speed graphic.
"that's a weird camera. where do you view the images to see how they turned out?"
"in the darkroom. once i process the film."
"film? do they still make that? why don't you use digital? it's so much better."
"no. no it isn't.(i thought this, i didn't say it.)"

then security came about a half hour later, because someone reported someone was out around campus with a weird old camera.
"hey, what are you doing?"
"portraits of my classmate here for an assignment."
"hey, is that one of those old cameras those news guys used to use? my father had one."
"yes, yes it is."
"have a nice day."

I only hope that if I do get asked ITAH that I have some ridiculous camera with me. with a brand name written in giant letters on it.
this thread must be good advertisement for hasselblad: you know the name, every professional camera must be a 'blad, so buy one and look like a pro!