UV and the heat are not welcome. I have 1950s German magazines and they were teaching how to photograph an icona. They were using Linhof and and lights like ARRI Cinema lights . They were all placed at 3 meters and just front. Results were the ugliest reproductions I have ever seen.

Let me share with you a trade secret , when I want to learn an museum critical information , I contact with them.

British Museum always responds in few days. Or you can try Louvre Museum. they still sell film reproductions and they know the best.

I think best technology for reproduction is comes from Italy. They use gigapixel cameras and technology like spectrometer . I had been posted Mona Lisa current and digitally cleaned and yellow green cast removed. They are from Florence and if you search it well , you can reach it.


This site is interesting.

What will you do with films ? Above site teaches how to print it with inkjets.