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I'd like to see some further proof of this, as all of the communications from Kyocera in Japan
I'd take no notice of the rabid out-pourings from the site you quoted and the PDF file.

And think again, 1 - a European Kyocera attributed statement, 2 - A Japanese (Tokyo) Reuters financial report- stating their ceasing camera production 35mm & digital with financial details of their declining output, figures that could only have been released by Kyocera themselves. Then 3 - An article (the point of this thread) which claims to have checked with Kyocera, and a bit more importantly has interviewed a Carl Zeiss official whose's comments and company's actions indicate the truth in the situation.

The market place has suddenly changed dramatically and the number of manufacturers will drop still further. No-one disputes Kyocera are ceasing manufacture of their own brands, but the shared tooling and components with Contax was the backbone of the link, so would it now be economic for them to manufacture Contax equipment without a big increase in prices.

No doubt Zeiss will suprise us all again, who thought that they'd re-introduce a Zeiss Ikon range.

Even if Contax change from what we have now we are better served now in the variety of types of analog cameras & equipment available in these digital times than we have been for many years.

Who would have forecast the big revival in LF photography, the range of panoramic and other wide field roll film cameras, and such a variety of new rangefinder cameras and alternative Leica screw & M fit lenses.

Perhaps we should be less worried about the future of Contax/Kyocera and far more mindful about future products from Zeiss.