A good friend of mine fixed me up with ten rolls of Agfa APX 400 that expires this month, and I have been enjoying the re-discovery of this fine film.

I have tried it in Xtol, which is my main developer, and it wasn't bad, but it wasn't really until I used it with some good old Rodinal at 1+25, and agitate every 30s, like Agfa suggests, that it really came 'alive'. The prints are absolutely beautiful, and if ADOX can get the same quality as the old Agfa, then it'll be a really great all purpose medium to high speed emulsion for enthusiastic photographers!
Surprisingly, a 9x12" print from the 35mm Rodinal treated negatives are very crisp, decently sharp, and exhibit really tight, sharp, and unobtrusive grain, on par with Tri-X and HP5, but with slightly lower film speed. A very fine film.

- Thomas