I have made some emulsions which are sensitive to red,green and blue. I have made no atempt yet to balance the sensitivity, so that the three sensitivites are equal. My choice of sensitizing vdyes is following PE's recomendation. He has a post on a thread that goes back more than a year. Basicly There is a red dye that is sensitive to green light and a red dye that turns cyan in the pressence of iodine. I add 10mg of KI/mole of Ag, let it stir for 15 minutes then add 150mg dye. The emulsion turns cyan. The dye is called SDA3057, but I forgot the name of the supplier. It is in my notes and in PE's original post. But I cannot remember, off hand. These dyes are in methanol in my fridg. The green sensitive dye is added at 100mg/mole Ag. It is called SDE3008. It is a red - magenta dye and remains that color in the emulsion. The optimum concentration of SDA 3057 will depend on your grain size. But PE has explained all this in his post, better than I can. The dyes are pricey! $150/gram + a "curtosy fee". Basicly, you must spit a batch of blue-sensitive (no dyes) emulsion into 3 parts. One part contains no dy One contains the SDE3008, the other the SDA3008. Then you combine the 3 parts in equal amounts. Taking a shot of a KODAK color chart in openshade, outdoors, indicates that this vaproach is fairly balanced already.
I worke in total darkness, wearing a Generation 1 Night Vision monacle. These go for about $250 on ebay. Being a monacle,depth perception is screwy. I have poured many emulsions on the floor, trying to hit the glass plate. But now I use Meyer rods. This is the easiest way (for me) to coat plates. You can get these for about $30, brand new.
I hope this helps, but do search for PE's post on this subject.