I'm a teacher who has to help kids photograph art portfolios for the Advanced Placement exams and for college admissions every year. I use only EPY and 3200K bulbs - even to the point of excluding ambient light from the room in which we shoot the work. The colors are accurate, predictable and very even. I use an extended copy stand for the small stuff and a black cloth-covered wall for the larger work, eliminating the need for taping the slide afterwards (in most of the cases anyway.) I just meter on a grey card and shoot away.

One pointer: make sure that the illumination is even over the entire surface. It's really easy to have an entire roll somewhat darker in one corner because you didn't check it carefully. I use two 500W lights at about 45 degrees and two to three feet away for small stuff, three lights for larger work, with the third just to the side of the camera.

Don't get too good at it. You'll find yourself the best friend of every artist who has a submission due :-/

Good luck to both of you.