Total newbie in LF though I have fiddled with some LF lens on my Rolleiflex SL66, and now have a nice Wista 45DX coming soon so I'll be more involved in not too long....

Anyway, about 8-9 years ago on a whim I bought an old Seneca 9 wooden field camera, really beat up, off eBay. Since I did not even have any 4x5 film holders or even film I let it sit for a few years and then, even though the shutter seemed to work fine, I had a local camera tech do a CLA on it. Dumb move. When I got it back within 2 clicks of the shutter the aperture blades got all twisted up and stopped working, and I just put the whole thing on the shelf. Now, with my new Wista coming and a few new LF lenses coming too and being on the verge of diving head-first into LF photography I'm curious about this camera again, particularly about the lens.

The lens has written on the ring:

Goerz Dagor F:6.8 Series III No.1 FOCUS 6 IN. No. 317075

From an article on this site the serial # appears to indicate it's a lens from 1914-1918. Although the lens rings and such are quite thrashed the glass is pretty clean and clear with no scratches. As mentioned the German IBSOR D.R.P. now shutter seems shot. The front element of the lens screws off, the rear too tight and without the right tool I decided not to fool with it. The measurements of the rear retaining ring appear to be approx Copal #0 size.

I see some posts here with some admiration of Goerz Dagor lenses but it seems there were quite a few of them over many years. Can I remount the lens somehow on another shutter? Anything anyone can share about this lens? Is this lens anything unique or special? Rare?

Photos of the lens attached.