Thanks Sandy for your comments, and thanks Mac for your offer to field questions. I won't bother you with any right now...they would just be basic things I can dredge up on my by ordering Sandy's book for example.

Carbro appeals to me as I chose to go with 4x5 years ago instead of a larger format, and to enlarge rather than contact print. The 4x5 allows me to roam unencumbered (compared to 8x10 or bigger) through the thick forests where I live, and to photograph in any weather conditions except for bellows shredding winds. Having to make more enlargements to make more carbro's isn't a problem as repeatability is important to the way I work.

I've never seen a carbon or carbro print; all my instincts are pretty much screaming for me to investigate...if I don't I'll always be haunted when looking at my work, wondering if they could have said *more*. This Internet thing sucks BIG TIME! Last time my radar was buzzing like this I lost a year to Radeka's masking system...carbro may suck 2 years out of my life before I get my legs under myself again...aint photography great!!!