I'd wonder if those panels put out enough light for typical medium format use. Generally, the smaller the format, the larger the aperture you're working at, so digital shooters can get away with a lot less light, plus they have the option of dialing up the ISO relatively easily without too much of a penalty in terms of image quality within limits, and they can adjust white balance to deal with light sources that might not be entirely consistent like CF bulbs.

If long exposures aren't a concern (considering factors like subject/camera movement and reciprocity), lower power lighting can work. If you are shooting color, you can test and filter for white balance or use a color meter to determine filtration.

That said, strobes are more versatile. They stop motion, put out lots of light efficiently without a lot of heat, are fairly consistent for color, and can be dialed down or ND filtered as needed, or you can use multiple pops for static subjects when you need more power.