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I'd like to ask the question again, almost five years later.

How collectible (or as an investment) do you think Leica iiif cameras are now?

Thanks for all replies.
All 35mm cameras have continued to slide into lower and lower prices since you last asked. The collectors who bought them in the 70s through the 90s have taken a beating. One friend of my had hundreds of quality 35mm cameras he liquidated the past 12 months, saying "I should have sold 5 years ago when they were higher...."

Maybe if you can get them for $100 for a body they will come up again in the next 20 years, if emerging consumer markets get interested (China, for example). The problem is, the people that inherit them think they are still at the peak of years ago, so they want to sell them for too much. You could also get stuck with equipment that stays at rock bottom for 20-50 years, only to crawl up after they are 100 years old. Do you have 50 years to wait? It would be like investing in buggy whips in 1920.