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I cannot help noticing that her obituary mentions she was a great photographer, nonetheless a few days after her deaths her relatives were immediately giving away all her work by the kilogram.
I dont believe that is the case. Her film/prints were stored in a storage facility. She became ill, didnt pay the storage facility rent, the owner of the stoage facility sold off her belongings due to her not being able to pay the rent. A few people bought her negatives/prints at auction and the rest is history...

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...it's also a pity because this way a lot of genius gets wasted in the world.
But maybe not, I think we all 'win' here. Vivian didnít want to be famous. We have no indication that she ever submitted her work to be exhibited while she was living. I think she was pure - shot photos for the love of it. Didnít even develop many of the negatives since that was: either too much work, not important, too expensive, etc.

Vivian is an inspiration to all of us!! I love her work, her style, her approach to photography, her in general.

I saw her posthumous show at the Chicago Cultural Center in January and think about her almost every time I hit the shutter button. I was a sponsor of the documentary about her that is coming out soon and received a MF film spool of hers....I love it...makes me appreciate photography more...the whole physical part of shooting film that all us APUG'ers appreciate