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As others have said, the x-rays used for checked baggage are much more powerful than those used for carry-on. I have never had a problem with x-ray damage to carry-on film, including film that was x-rayed more than five times and some Delta 3200. All I ever take is black and white, but from what I've read you don't have to worry about carry-on colour film either.
The official TSA rules say that they will x-ray carry-on film rated under 800 speed. Which is why I always make sure I've got at least one roll of Delta 3200 in the bag. And I always tell them that I push process to help seal the deal.

Having said that, I've never had a problem with xrays fogging my film. I also never want to have that happen because of a mis-calibrated xray machine.

The TSA's official word on traveling with film is a good read before you travel. Google "tsa film xray". I'd post a link but APUG doesn't like that I haven't made 5 posts here yet.