I’ve previously commented on the cards I received from 16 people. Since then, I’ve received cards from 8 more APUGers:

gordrob - “Ice Diver” - this photo really made me shiver (that is a good thing!)
lorirfrommontana - “Spring Snow” - thanks Lori for sharing your interesting back yard
markrewald - “Delany Round Barn” - a very nice print - that round barn is set off nicely by a dramatic sky
Mick Fagan - “Wheat Silo Merinee Victoria” - it looks so hot! - a really nice, full range print
rai - “Carre Sainte Anne, Montpellier” - a really inventive and intriguing multi-image card
rtbadman - “Panoche Valley, California” - I really like the sharpness and image tone
seadrive - “Rocks and Grass, Dam Pond” - so sharp, it almost bites
Tim Gray - “Max” - Great portrait (it is the eyes, you know )

24 down, 4 (Aron, BirgerA, Black Dog and HowardDvorin) to go

Thanks to everyone for participating.