I recently bought an Xd-11, SRT 101 and SRT 202 from KEH. Each was in "as is needs seals untested" condition. Wein makes a enviornmentally friendly battery for the SRT series for about $5. A reseal kit specifically for these cameras is $10. I bought these cameras for $30, $7 and $11. There still are batteries vor the Xd-11. I put the batteries into the cameras and the meters sprank to life. I tested the meters against readings from my Sekonic 318b handheld meter and from my Minolta Flash Meter III all readings were spot on. Put some Fujicolor 200 into the camera's and fired off a roll after resealing each of them with a kit supplied by Interslice AKA Jon Goodman. The pictures were fine. If you can find an XD-11 go with it. I own 2 of them and they are my favorite. The SRT's are built like tanks and they weigh as much. Houever they are easy to use. I like the 202 because it has a built in flash contact on the prisim.