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I'm shooting Tmax 400 in Rolleiflexes. I just got a Sunpak 555. I want to document my little guy (10 months old, crawling, on the verge of walking) in my home. He's in constant motion so focusing is a challenge. Ideally I'd like to be shooting at f/11 which is the appropriate aperature when the Sunpak is set to Auto. The problem is I don't like the dark background - the "Crime Scene Photo" look. When I pivot the flash head to bounce off the walls or ceiling my working aperature drops to f/4 - not good for DOF and tracking the little guy. Next I'm going to try using my SB-800 as an optical slave remote w/diffuser to light up the background.

Any other tips, ideas?
Bouncing off a wall and ceiling is the right idea. If you take the Sunpack off of auto and crank up all the way it could get you to an 11, or close enough. Gots a flash meter?