I can get a leica cl for about 200. I have also decided not to buy russian lenses although some of them are a really bargain. Some of the russians seems to suffer some incompatible with leicas.

I'm now considering these lenses:

Leitz Leica Summaron 35/3.5 (bit too slow)
Canon 50mm F:1.5 (too fast in wide open for cl, but I'm planing to buy a "real" leica or bessa r3 in future if I fall in love with these Rf cameras.)
LEICA LEITZ SUMMICRON C 40MM (obvious choice, but bit dull. Also I have understood that there aren't many rangefinders with a frameline for 40mm so this would limit the use of this lens when I get more bodys. (there lives a small collector inside me even I buy cameras to use them.))

Any comments? I'm specially interested in the skopar because they seem to be relatively cheap and I would like to have a 35mm. I haven't realy found any information about this one so I would be glad if some one could comment this one. I could perhaps buy both the canon and the skopar.