A special tanks to Kodak for the four 8x10 tanks I have, never thought they would give out due to their indestructible makeup. I started to do a line and noticed that one had a crack down the long side, like a lightening bolt. I used it for the pre-wash and it was fine.

I developed six sheets on hangers, of course, and then stop rinse and fix. When I examined them in the light they had a series of lines like an exposure test on the long edge. It took some time to figure out what it was. At first I thought maybe some how the focus cloth was in the way but then I noticed that the level of developer had dropped in the tank. Sure enough right at the corner the developer was spraying out in a long vertical line. During the development it provided a step wedge.

Fortunately I use the Ansel Adams system of shooting two identical frames so I have to tray develop the next set or use one of my last tanks for the developer. I have four tanks in 8x10 and now two have cracks. Time to go stainless steel or another way. Maybe some Plexiglas or Fiberglas?

The negatives were of Half Dome and Yosemite.