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Most of the discussion here has been related to the stability of the print, which will outlast me in any case - does anyone have any comment on the appearance of these prints? (unfortunately there are no color carbon prints in my geographical area that I can locate.)
I asked Michael Ward who printed Sarah Moon's work in the 90's, what he considered the qualities of a finely crafted pigment transfer print were in an article i recently wrote, he said

‘The lushness and density of colour. The union of that colour with it's surface. In other words, materials complimenting each other. The print being an object, not just a record. This process allows for artistic sensitivity in that application. A good pigment transfer print can be appreciated as much for it's material presence as for it's image. I think it has a more physically tangible quality than the results of some other photographic processes.’

First time i saw them was a visual revelation much like when i saw my first platinum print, when printed well with the right subject matter pigment transfer prints are stunning.