The Fletcher is definitely more, I'm not sure that I would have enough time in life to justify it, seriously though the Altos unit I saw on the Blick site is basic but for the money I can see it working just fine. They have, like so many other things, risen in price. I was thinking Sears Catalog and then I found that some are more like Platinum member.

Watching the video the Logan model seems like a good unit, as to the price it's just particle board, common screws, extruded aluminum and plastic knobs but it's a whole lot better than a Dexter. What a person is buying is a design that saves frustration and body-ware.

Ideally I'd want a CNC mat cutter but that's a far stretch. I've getting tired of my Kodak water mixer too and have been looking at the Hass manufacturing unit, that's another $550.00.

I can mix my water until after I get a new mat cutter.

Thanks for the interest I appreciate it.