I've got a logan 450 and have had it for quite a while; probably ten years and it has always been an excellent tool. I put a scrap piece of mat underneath what I'm cutting to provide a clean cut with sufficient depth. If did lots of framing regularly I might even get two of them so I wouldn't have to adjust the stops between the mat window to side distance and the mat window to top distance. Having the ability to do >32" is handy so you can chop down bulk board to useful sizes. The logan should be stored and used on a flat surface, order some extra blades when you purchase it; a box of blades lasts a long time, as you have to replace or flip blades regularly for sharp clean cuts.

I get better cut mats than much of what I see in other people's framed photos in galleries and even museums. Many people way overcut the corners of windows, many other people use a dull blade which makes cuts need burnishing or smoothing; you can screw up like this on a logan as well, but if you don't rush your project as an all nighter or cut mats drunk, you'll be fine.