There's this one spot on Federal at 84th where there's a farm on a downslope on the west side. This provides a nice wide unobstructed (no trees, no towers, no buildings) view of the foothills and the mountains. It's a nice spot.

However, the other day I discovered another. I've driven that way before but never noticed it. This time we had some thunderstorms and they were breaking. A break in the clouds drew my eye. A halo of light hit the area around the foothills by the wind farm test center (northwest a bit).

I was on Lowell, heading north. I wasn't yet at 84th, but was probably past 82nd. It was sort of across from the tall radio antenna that's just south of that Church on the Eastern side of the road. There was a break in the trees and a hill dropoff on the western side and it had a perfect view angle looking Northwest up directly at the halo and the wind farm area.

There's nowhere to park or pull over, otherwise I would have whipped out the camera. You almost have to find a place to park and walk there. There's a small dirt path trail on the western side that you could walk to the spot with.

It really was a good photo op. I'm annoyed at myself NOW (in hindsight) for not taking 5-10 minutes THEN to get the proper photo

Live and learn!