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I had two tanks that I tried for months to give away here and there were no takers. I ended up dumping them in the recycle bin.
I think I remember that, I only decided to use them again for a recent batch of negatives. In actuality the 8x10 tanks are only good for a replenished line. They are what, 12 liters, that's a lot of developer.

I wonder if they cracked because they were in a storage area that was extremely cold to rather hot.

Is there an automated system that can do a half dozen sheets at a time? And what to do with all these hangers. I guess the solution, so to speak, is to make some narrow tanks to use with hangers. I have a couple of 5x7 tanks that are half size which is very handy for developer conservation.

When the 8x10 tanks are full it's very difficult to just pick up and pour out so I carefully tilt them over being careful not to just use the top lip to lift. I like hangers and am not fond of tray development, and with trays there is no stand development for a stack of film.